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At Equine Lockers we know you invest a lot of money into your kit, so that's
why you need the utmost protection available, it's really that simple!

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Whether you have one horse or pony or a stable yard full, it’s important that you have somewhere to store all of your rugs and sheets for when they are not being used. Through the summer you will need a dry, safe place to keep your winter turnout rugs and neck covers and in winter you can use your Rug Trunk for your summer fly sheets and lighter rugs. Plus, if you are travelling with racehorses, show horses or eventers, you can take your rug Trunk with you to keep them clean.

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We understand that owning a horse has a lot of responsibilities and there is a lot of equipment that you need. Keeping it all in one, safe and secure place will ensure nothing goes missing, you know what is yours and where everything is kept. Our storage options are fantastic as you are able to lock them. So rest assured if you are using a shared stable yard, there is only you who has access to your belongings.

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No matter the sport you play or take part in, equipment is vital and quite often it can be valuable. Cricketers… you all need somewhere to store your items. Talk to our team about your requirements. Each storage product is carefully made so if you are looking for a specific size or something a little but more bespoke, our team can help you.



Body brushes, hoof picks, plaiting bands… you need a place to store all of your equipment. We have a range of storage options available in different sizes and finishes. Plus, you can customise your Grooming Storage! It can be located in a fixed place on the yard or it can be portable for you to put in the wagon and take with you to different events.

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